Friday, February 20, 2009

Handing all control to Him

God has really been working on my Heart lately. He really has just been so amazing. Ever since our first Worship night God has just been there and using me for so many things. The day after our Worship night my pastor was telling the whole congregation about my worship and how I was truly worshipping. Not just singing but worshipping. Leading people into feeling God around me. It was so incredible and really opened my eyes to really thinking that this is something that what I'm suppose to be doing.

Ever since the Worship night God has really brought some cool opportunities to me. I have so many people come up to me or call me or whatever asking for my help. What is so cool to me is that when they ask me a question or tell me something I don't even know what to tell them. But somehow right after I think that God is like.."let me handle this" and spits words into my mouth. He is so good like that and it is so cool!

I have been struggling with the reading the Bible part of my relationship. I started to read through Genesis and just stopped. That is one thing that I really truly need to work on. It is the motivation to get back into it. I want to do it but actually doing it is a problem. I know that once I truly get in the swing of it I will def be at it everyday but it is getting into the swing of it that hasn't made progress.

One other thing that I have noticed lately is that complaining really isn't necessary. I have had some times where I have been complaining or venting about my job or a friend or whatever and I just feel like it is the end. Well next day come and God just makes me a fool. He is like..."Melissa really I've got this under control...let me handle it...I know what I am doing". Everything is better. He is like be patient and everything will work out.

But God truly blessed me this past Tuesday. I finally had the chance to go back to Intermission. Except this time it was different. We were reading through Acts (go every other Bible Study) and instead of just reading it we dissected it. Like truly got real with each other and just looked deep into the Word. That is something that I have truly missed doing. Truly getting deep into The Word. I'm sad that I can only go every other week but it is something!

So that is the update on my life!


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