Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After Almost A Year

So I totally forgot I had this blog. I guess it is time to update it.

This year has been such a roller coaster. Definitely one that has really taught me to trust God and let Him take the lead. I can't tell you how much has changed this year. The year as far as I can remember started out really well. Then one thing after another it started to fall apart. I guess the falling apart wasn't so bad cause it helped me realize how much I needed to hold God's hand and let Him do His thing.

The downward spiral started I guess Memorial Weekend when my mom went to the hospital. Not the way anyone wanted to spend a holiday weekend, especially one that was shortly followed by my birthday. She went into the hospital with an unbearable pain in her leg, which was then told it was a blood clot. Not something really ever want to hear. After discovering it was a blood clot, tests were being done. This lead to the diagnosis of her having pancreatic cancer. I can't explain the feeling of finding this information out, especially about your mom. But you know I think what made it not seem as bad is that all of us had the Faith that God knew what He was doing. Not only the Faith but also the love and compassion from everyone around us. We definitely have felt God's love through so many people. From the Pastor of our church constantly trying to keep updated on what was going on, to the prayer chain at church and even the continuing meals we get. God truly has blessed my family with some incredible people. I think that is something that makes what we are all going through (especially my mom) some kind of miracle. Don't get me wrong, it has been no walk in the park, I mean I have hated seeing my mom get sick. From losing so much weight that she is now wearing my hand-me-downs to not having any energy and pretty much losing the personality I grew up with and loved to now her losing her hair. But by the grace of God and the prayers of so many people I can say that I am very excited to see the progress my mom is doing. I mean her appetite is back and she is not as tired. I am starting see my mom back. She has a lot more energy and is getting back to her old self. Not only those emotional improvements but after the last CT Scan, the results showed the cancer marks being down and the tumors either decreased in size or have disappeared totally. All I can say to that is PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I am excited to continue to see this progress!!! God is so good!!!!

Ok so I started off saying that my diagnosis was the start of the downward spiral. The next part was the loss of jobs. First it was mom, then Betsy suddenly lost her job, then Andrew. I was next, now I didn't lose my job as a whole but my hours were cut. I am now working MWF at the Insurance Agency. Which causes me to once again work 2 jobs. This is still a current struggle but hey I've got that faith that God's got this all under control. So since mom lost her job, there was not enough income coming in, which leads to my dad getting a second job. Not something a 50-something yr old man should be doing, especially since his second job is pushing carts at Sams Club. It took Betsy a while to find a job but you know God had his plan and she was able to live off of unemployment for a while. Mom is now getting disability with is incredible and helps out a lot. Andrew is still looking for a job, but hey the economy sucks and there are not very many jobs out there. I am lucky that my MWF job pays my bills, I am just lacking the saving money and spending money, but hey I've got it under control (for the most part).

I guess those are the major downward spirals, there were some major emotional downward spirals but they aren't too necessary to get into. Now I'm not going to say that this year was terrible. I mean it had some really good points. Lets mom and I are closer. I am closer in my walk with the Lord. I got really involved with the church (youth group, worship). I have really figured out who my true friends are and met some new friends :) .We are still a laughing family, I think at times more that we used to, I think that is a result of what our family has been through this year, not only our immediate family but extended family too. Oh and we are at the end of this year going to have an addition to our fun family. My brother is engaged!! We like Jess a lot, she definitely fits in.

I am excited to see what this year is going to be like. I can't wait to see where God has me and my family going! I think it is going to be an incredible journey!!! Maybe it won't take me a year to update this again, but we'll see.


Love or Nothing

glad you're reading and God is using my posts to speak to you!! that makes me happy. how is your mom doing? one of my friend's dad's just got diagnosed with cancer and we're going to be in for a rough time dealing with it, but this post was very encouraging to read.

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