Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weird Experience EVER!

Ok so last night I had to work at both my real job and BBW so I just stayed around the area and got something to eat at...you guessed it...Chipotle! So I get my food and sit down at the end of this bar type seating facing a window. Well this guy comes and sits nexts to me. I was kinda freaked out cause well this never happens.

So he sits next to me and asks me why I am alone. I explain that I am coming from one job and going to another. Asks me if I am in school and I answered with no. I told him just working. He asked why are you working? (ok what kind of question is this?) I said to pay bills! Then he decided to ask me if I lived with my boyfriend. Well considering I don't have one I gave him the obvious answer. Then he asked me if I have sex (I started to get a little weird at this point). I said no...he then asked if I was a lesbian. I was like uh no def not. He was like then why no sex. I said I didn't think that it was necessary. He says to me so you're a christian. I obviously say yes. He responds with I'm a christian too.

Ok so this got me a little bit confused...and he could tell!

We go into what churches we go to and whatnot. Then he asks me why I look so confused. I respond with because you ask me all these questions and then say you are a christian...it doesn't fit. He goes into how the devil temps him and overcomes...I question back with how come you don't ask for help over these temptations? He gives some sort of bull crap answer.

Then we look out the window and he asks...what do you think of that guy. There was no guy. I asked...are you seriously talking about your reflection? Of course he was. I told him it didn't matter to me and I wasn't going to say anything. He said...so physical attributes don't matter to you. I said no not really. He said so if God has you marrying a fat guy with zits and bad breath you would marry him. I said yes we all know this is probably a lie. But i was like the guys I have liked recently I have seen how much they love God and who they truly are BEFORE I have found them attractive physically. I told him I was never going to see him again so it didn't matter. He said you don't know that I could be you're husband. I was like I highly doubt that. He said you don't know that God could have me be your husband. (I mean seriously did he really just go there??)

I told him I really seriously doubt that you are my husband. He said that I am not letting God lead my life. That I need to give Him all control. I told him you don't even know me. You don't know my life you don't know who I am or where I've been. He then told me that he has met me before. That I didn't recognize him cause he had longer hair then. I seriously don't remember meeting him before ever. Then we got distracted cause my phone rang (I ignored it). I asked him where I met him he said it didn't matter.

He then told me that I was judging him. And said if you didn't want to talk to me you would have left by now. Why are you still here talking to me? Then got up threw his trash away and left. Not saying a word.

Ok I am extremely confused. I mean he did have some good points but I mean it was kind of freaky. I mean if you say that you are a Christian then the way that he approached me and the questions he asked me didn't give me that impression. I don't know. It was def an eye opening experience and I think that was his point but at the same time I am just super confused. He didn't give me his name or anything. Like I want to see him again and really get into another conversation. I was flustered and confused and didn't understand. I don't do well under pressure.


Love or Nothing

that is the weirdest thing i've ever heard. he sounds kind of like a creeper... be careful if you run into him again!


so i just discovered your blog and read this...WHAT????

Melissa Joy

Come to find out after talking with Beth (my coworker/Pastor's wife)...she thinks she knows who he is. And he has a habit of doing this. So that kind of settled me a little bit but I am still freaked out...I didn't know how to react

Isaiah Kallman

Oh dang. I've met lots of people like that guy. There's no telling who their heart belongs to, I know. Still, based on the confusion of the dialogue and the emotions it stirred in you, I'd say his words were less than God-directed.

I'm always surprised when strangers read my weblog. Mostly because I don't tell a whole lot of people about it. So thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

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