Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time Crawls

So I am sitting here at how many people can actually stop and say they are bored at work. Well I can...and what makes my boredom worse is the fact that I am in the office by myself. As much as I enjoy the lack of work it really just isn't fun.

But Anyways,So this past weekend I had the amazing pleasure of going to a little christian music festival called Revelation Generation in Frenchtown, was probably the highlight of my summer! Let me explain...this festival basically a mini-version of the Creation Festival. Let me go through the day with and everything

Starting out was The Robbie Saey Band...Now I have heard a few songs by this band but didn't really realize how good they were. They were very entertaining and I am glad that I got to experience them. They are a very worship like band and I really enjoy the relax nature of them.

Next was I decided that I would go up to the stage and just take a few pictures and come back to sit in my soccer chair with my aunt. It was a great idea except for the fact that I decided it would be fun to go up and try to get myself a delicious to get this lemonade I had to wait in a line for about 4 least I got to hear them right? They are good and I am glad that I got to listen to them. Maybe next time I'll decide to actually stay up at the stage.

So basically my new favorite artist has to be Matt Wertz. I love his sound. It was his first Christian music festival and well sadly you could tell...not by his performance but by the lack of crowd. I mean I was right there...I could have touched him...right at the railings. My intention once again was to get a few pics of him and his band but couldn't bring myself to leaving. If you haven't heard you you got to! I am totally addicted...I mean I have already preordered his new album. I know I'm a loser. :)

Shawn McDonald was next....he was really good...I was somewhat familiar with him. He was actually on the more worship type stage. He has a great sound and well he is fantastic at the doo and daas ;)

Now this next group I decided to break out of my comfort zone and go the the Philly stage where all the hardcore groups were...this band has basically one song that I knew...Fly Leaf is the band...well I went in the crowd and was basically in a dominoe game everytime a new song came on...and well I am not a big fan of the screamo stuff so I took a few pics and stayed for a few songs and went back to my comfort zone of the New York's the pic

Ok...I loved Matty Wertz but by far my favorite of the day had to be Toby Mac...I mean how can you not like a Christian White Guy with Banging Dance skills...seriously...I was so close to the stage I could basically touch the artists...not only was Toby himself incredible His band (aka The Diversity Band) was pretty much spectacular. No other words can explain it...I mean they busted out some ol' school DC can't go wrong with Jesus Freak and Be in The Light!!! I got a ton of pics of him but I think I'll give you one

The night couldn't have ended last performance was the always amazing Bethany Dillon. She even played us two songs that have never been heard. She just wrote them and will be on her new album.

Well that was how I spent my saturday...It was incredible and I can't wait till next year!!! Hope you enjoyed this!!!


Love or Nothing

glad you got to see beth and hear her new stuff! jealous. and i am actually working for matt wertz this weekend, i'm doing stuff with his merch crew at his show in DE. i'm happy you like him, he's amazing!

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