Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Storms A Brewin

Ok so I've tried to write this blog about 3 times already and everytime I start I just can't think of anything great to say. I would start talking about something and it would just sound stupid.

I've really been thinking a lot lately about how I miss the atmosphere of Salisbury. I mean don't get me wrong I am excited on everything that God is bringing into my life but I truly am starting to really miss being in Salisbury. I mean I am now away from basically all the drama over there that has occured or is still in affect but there are somethings that I truly wish I was there for.

Lets start off with CRU...yeah I miss it and the people there....but I think the thing that I am really saddened by is not being there to witness the impact that I think CRU is going to have on SU's campus this year. I can feel it in my bones that there is going to be a radical change. I think the leadership this year is going to be extremely strong and going to be something we haven't seen before. Don't get me wrong there have been some amazing leaders for CRU but this year there is something different that I am really excited to hear about. I'm sad that I can't actually be there to witness it. Oh well...visits are going to be necessary.

I think the main thing I am really missing is the people I have come close to this summer. It is really funny...GOD is truly working in me with my relationships with people. I have gained some incredible friendships this summer...and all 3 are living in that happens is beyond me. Let's start with Lauren...she has always been a big sister to me...we really kept eachother accountable this summer. We spent almost everyday this summer on the phone growing in eachother and in our relationship with the LORD. It is incredible!!!

Bethany...God truly has done some amazing things in that friendship. We had a bumpy ride but you know we are better than ever. We truly have grown up. I don't know it is something really really cool. I think that God was giving us the space from eachother so that we can learn some things and well it worked. I don't know how to explain it but it is truly a miracle and I am really excited about where our relationship is headed.

My dear Emily...see Emily and I have a unique friendship. We have only been in physical contact once but our friendship is super strong. This summer we have tested eachother's relationships with the LORD and have been eachother's right hand man. We slap eachother in the face when things seem fishy. I don't know what I would do without life has changed because of her. I love her to death.

All three girls brings something different to our relationship. God truly blessed me with all three and I can't thank Him enough.

So I've realized I start writing and can't stop so I'm thinking that most of my posts are going to be lengthy...I'll try and work on that


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